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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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“Food is directly connected with the tradition and culture of our country.
Love, friendships, professional successes start around a table γ parties and joys begin .. The most beautiful memories are created around a table !!!
Food evokes memories, generates loves, creates impressions, concludes agreements, seals friendships… ”(Papadopoulou Mania)

Three friends, Dimitris, Christos and Vangelis, different from each other but with a common feature, their passion for hospitality and good food, came together to create the renewed “Outside the Walls”
A modern tavern in the most beautiful part of Thessaloniki, in the “castles”. With a view that “takes your breath away” and a beautiful, warm, friendly and welcoming environment!
The menu is Mediterranean, with familiar flavors slightly “teased”, creatively differentiated, so much so that to transform the simple dish into a delicious experience…

From noon, for a break from your heavy schedule, a sea bream to forget or for a gastronomic excursion … until the evening, you enjoy with the company, unique flavors, intoxicating aromas, incredible views and service that promises you that leaving you will have added another memory around a table!

Delicious dishes you want to try, wines and sea breams you want to drink, views you can’t get enough of seeing and hospitality you enjoy.

Welcome to “Outside the Walls”